Mississippi Coast Amateur Radio Association

Membership Meeting Minutes


  1.  Call to order at 7:00pm. 
  • Pledge, Prayer, Roll call
  • Roll call of officers


  • President: Bobby Allen, KF5BA N
  • Vice President: Scott Owen, AD5HS Y
  • Secretary: Phillip Littlefield, KB5YIA Y
  • Treasurer: John Ryan, KJ4NJT Y
  • Activities Manager: Scott Owen, AD5HS Y
  • Past President: Gary Bahret, N5AHM N


  1. Reports 


    1. Treasurer
      1. Current total $6127.74. Motion to accept by Phillip KB5YIA, 2nd by Hank AE5WU, Passed.
    2. Previous meeting minutes.
      1. Motion to accept by Hank AE5WU, 2nd by Jeff W5JGW, Passed
    3. Activities Manager
  1. Old business
    1. Gulf coast repeater pamphlet N5AHM Gary. N/A
    2. John KJ4NJT flag status update. Seems to be lost.
    3. Stu N5LBZ, update on repeater generator status. N/A
    4. Hand-off to new officers. Completed. 


  1. New business
    1. Remember, Al Warburton K5CRJ and Phillip Littlefield KB5YIA to be removed from the bank records.
    2. There was a long discussion around the current repeater and what if any updates should be made. No hard decisions were made.
    3. Jeff W5JGW made a motion and it was 2nd by Scott AD5HS to present Gary N5AHM with a plaque for his years of service to the club. Passed



  • Adjournment at 7:52 pm.