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Please see the proposed revised 2022 Constitution & Bylaws on the front page.




Mississippi Coast Amateur Radio Association, Inc. 


March 2014 



The name of the organization shall be THE MISSISSIPPI COAST AMATEUR RADIO ASSOCIATION, INC., and is further referred to herein as “the club.”



Section A. To encourage and promote emergency preparedness, and to make the full resources of the club available to concerned organizations in case of national or local emergency.

Section B. To promote good fellowship among the members of the club, and among the members of the fraternity as a whole. Further, to encourage and promote community relations.

Section C. To encourage and promote interest in the art of Amateur Radio. 

Section D. To insist upon strict compliance with the rules and regulations governing Amateur Radio as set forth by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). 



Section A. Persons eligible to apply for membership shall be all those who are now, or are interested in becoming licensed Amateur Radio operators, or in supporting their operations. 

Section B. Applicants will be considered members upon payment of dues and 

acceptance of their application by the membership. 

Section C. To maintain membership in good standing, a member must have dues and/or assessment(s) paid currently. Any member who is in arrears an unreasonable 

amount, as determined by the Executive Board, may be summarily dropped from the rolls. 



Section A. ELECTED: The Executive Board shall consist of the following: 

1. President 

2. Vice-President 

3. Secretary 

4. Treasurer 

5. Activities Manager 

6. Past President 

Section B. APPOINTED: The various standing Committee Chairmen. 

Section C. The Executive Board shall serve as the Board of Directors. 



Section A. Candidates for elected officers shall be licensed Radio Amateurs whose membership in the club is in good standing. The President and Vice-President shall be holders of valid Technician Class licenses or higher. 

Section B. Candidates who consent to run for elected office may be nominated by a Nominating Committee and/or nominated from the floor, and elected by a secret ballot by a plurality of the membership present at the last general meeting in each calendar year. Elected officers shall take office at the general meeting following January 1st of each year, and shall serve a term of one year. 



Elected officers may be re-elected to the same office for one (1) additional term after which they shall leave that office. Such officers shall again be eligible for election to that office after a lapse of one (1) year.



Section A. Any officer may be removed from office between elections by a vote of twothirds (2/3s) of the membership of the club. 

Section B. Should a vacancy in office occur between elections, succession shall be in the order listed in ARTICLE IV, Section A. 

Section C. The President may appoint to office any otherwise qualified member in good standing to complete the unexpired term of any elected office left permanently vacant. In the event that this unexpired term is for the Presidency, the Vice-President 3 shall assume that office, and may appoint a new Vice-President. In lieu of appointing a member to complete an unexpired term of office, the President may, at his option, call a special election at the next general meeting. 



The President is empowered to appoint committees and special committees necessary for the efficient operation of the club. 



Meetings shall be held and conducted as outlined in the BYLAWS. 



Dues and/or assessments as required shall be collected as established in the BYLAWS. 



The number constituting a quorum for meetings shall be twenty percent (20%) of the membership in good standing as determined by the Executive Board. 



Section A. This Constitution shall be considered ratified if accepted by a two-thirds (2/3rd) majority of the prospective members present at the time of submittal for ratification. 

Section B. BYLAWS, as needed, may be developed and proposed by the Executive Board for ratification by the membership. Said ratification shall require a vote of the majority of the members present in a meeting, provided there is a quorum present, and if the proposed BYLAW has been introduced at a previous meeting. 



Section A. After ratification and adoption, BYLAWS may be amended by a vote of twothirds (2/3rd) of the members present in a meeting, provided there is a quorum present, and if the proposed amendment has been introduced at a previous meeting, or has been advertised to the members prior to the meeting. 

Section B. After ratification and adoption, BYLAWS may be amended by a majority of the members present in a meeting, provided there is a quorum present, and if the proposed amendment has been introduced at a previous meeting, or has been advertised to the membership by mail in sufficient time to be received by all members prior to the meeting. 



Section A. Any person who has paid his/her dues and has been accepted as a member in good standing within one (1) year of ratification of this Constitution, shall be considered a CHARTER MEMBER of the club. 

Section B. Any person paying his/her dues, and being accepted after this time, shall be a regular member. 



Affiliation may be entered into with any other club or association interested in promoting Amateur Radio and its objectives as defined in ARTICLE II. Benefits of the association are to be defined in the BYLAWS. MCARA Constitution 2014.pdf       

Mississippi Coast Amateur Radio Association, Inc. 


March 2014 


In the interest of encouraging and promoting emergency preparedness, the club shall participate in at least one (1) drill or field day type exercise each year. 



The club shall encourage its members to promote good fellowship among the fraternity by supporting or participating in nets, contests, and other operating activities. 



The club shall periodically sponsor and conduct classes or seminars in the art of Amateur Radio. 



Acceptance of an application for membership shall be by majority vote of members in good standing, present at any regular meeting. 



Written application for membership shall include such information as deemed necessary by the Executive Board. 



Section A. The Executive Board 

1. Shall meet at least monthly to conduct business. 

2. Shall perform duties as those outlined in the CONSTITUTION and these BYLAWS. 

3. Shall, at the January meeting, approve an operating budget. Said budget to be presented to the membership for adoption at the January general meeting. 

4. Shall approve/disapprove expenditures of $50.00 and under by a majority vote. [Expenditures over $50.00 shall be approved by a majority vote of the members in good standing present at a regular meeting.] 

5. Shall publish a list of members in good standing, committee chairpersons, and committee members in March of each year. 

6. Shall take under advisement any suggested BYLAWS from members. The suggestion will be considered for possible submission as a formally proposed BYLAW. 

7. Shall publish and furnish a copy of the CONSTITUTION and BYLAWS to all new members of the club. 

8. Shall, at the November meeting, the President/Vice President shall accept volunteers, or appoint an Audit Committee with a minimum of two (2) persons. 

[The Audit Committee will report its findings to the Executive Board and general membership at the respective February meeting. During Treasurer turn-over, the outgoing Treasurer is responsible for the last calendar year audit.] 

9. A quorum of the Executive Board shall be fifty percent (50%), including either the President or Vice-President. 

Section B. The President 

1. Shall perform duties as outlined in the CONSTITUTION and these BYLAWS. 

2. Shall preside over the Executive Board, club meetings, be the Chief Executive and Official Spokesperson for the club. 

3. Shall decide all questions of order, precedence, meeting procedures, and enforce due observance of the CONSTITUTION and BYLAWS. 

4. Shall sign all official documents and countersign disbursements. 

5. Shall appoint and dismiss committee chairpersons.  

6. Shall appoint an Audit Committee, in November of each year, which will consist of three (3) non-office holding members. 

7. Shall, at the expiration of the term of office, turn over all club possessions to the successor. 

Section C. The Vice-President 

1. Shall perform all the duties of the President in his/her absence. 

2. Shall, at the expiration of the term of office, turn over all club possessions to the successor. 

Section D. The Secretary 

1. Shall record minutes of the Executive Board and club meetings. 

2. Shall prepare correspondence as directed. 

3. Shall maintain club records, including copies of correspondence, membership applications, membership rolls, publicity, news releases, etc., with the exclusion of financial records. 

4. Shall, at the expiration of the term of office, turn over all club possessions to the successor. 

Section E. The Treasurer 

1. Shall be the recipient of all club monies. 

2. Shall record the source of club monies, and deposit same in the club’s account(s). 

3. Shall ensure that all disbursements are in the form of a check issued and signed by the Treasurer, as authorized and directed by the Executive Board. 

4. Shall tender quarterly reports of receipts and expenditures to the Executive Board. 

5. Shall tender an annual financial report to the membership at the last general meeting of the calendar year. 

6. Shall, in January of each year, make available to the Audit Committee all club financial records and shall assist with the audit. 

7. Shall, at the expiration of the term of office, turn over all club possessions to the successor. 

Section F. The Activities Manager 

1. Shall be responsible for procurement and presentation of programs at club meetings. 

2. Shall propose activities in which the club should be involved. 

3. Shall be responsible for planning club annual dinner(s). 

4. Shall, at the expiration of the term of office, turn over all club possessions to the successor. 

Section G. The Past President 

Shall serve on the Executive Board, in order to provide continuity, until he/she is succeeded by a new Past President. 



Section A. Shall be held on the third (3rd) Monday of each month, subject to change by the Executive Board as to the date and place, provided the general membership is notified in advance. 

Section B. Shall be conducted according to the book Robert’s Rules of Order, by Henry Martyn Robert. 



Shall be paid in January of each year, according to one of the following categories: 

Section A. Full Membership: 100% of current dues. 

Section B. Family Membership: members of the same family, after one (1) member has paid full membership / 50% of current dues for each family member thereafter. 

Section C. Associate Membership: (no voting privileges) 50% of current dues. 

Section D. First License Membership: Persons earning their first Amateur Radio license are eligible for one (1) free full membership for the balance of the calendar year. 

Section E. Appointed Member: The ARRL Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)©, appointed Emergency Coordinator for Harrison County and Gulf Coast District Emergency Coordinator shall be considered to be a Full Member with privileges. Annual fees are waived by virtue of the office held and does not require a motion. 



Section A. The following standing Committees are established: 

1. TVI 

2. Public Relations 

3. Emergency / Field Day 

4. Training 

5. Historian 

6. Repeater 

7. Newsletter 

8. Ham Fest 

9. Refreshments 

Section B. The above committees may consist of one (1) or more members, as deemed necessary by the Committee Chairperson. 

Section C. At the expiration of appointment, all club possessions shall be turned over to the successor. 

Section D. A Nominating Committee shall be appointed a minimum of two (2) months prior to the last general meeting in each calendar year.